Hi, I'm Annick,

and I'm so glad you're here!

I'm a calligrapher, watercolor artist, and stationer living in Dallas, Texas with my soon-to-be ER Doctor husband, Alec. When we're not busy hosting a game night or attempting to make Chip and JOjo proud decorating our home, you can find me in our cozy guest room, covered in ink or paint! My dreams growing up were to become either a zoologist or Hermione Granger. I think what I really wanted was to go on a great adventure, (preferably with the perfect animal sidekick). That's pretty much what I get to do now--running my own business with my fluffy Bernese Mountain shop dog, Avett! I'm a believer in daily grace, gratitude, and the power of a good story! 

I'm pretty crazy about

What Revel's All About

to revel means to delight in and celebrate. When you share your story, it gives others the opportunity to rally around you and cheer you on! Are you planning a wedding, hoping your invitations will help tell your great love story? Are you a small business owner wanting to communicate your brand through an artisan logo design? Either way, I'd love to sit down with you and dream up something uniquely designed for you! I'm a fan of minimalist, organic designs, thoughtfully crafted words, and paper that tells a tale!